Doesn't Your Truck Deserve the Best?

Doesn't Your Truck Deserve the Best?

Protect your truck with LINE-X

Nothing protects your truck bed like LINE-X. Because of its specially designed formula, LINE-X application requires specialized tools and training to apply.

J & K Customs has the necessary equipment and expertise to line your truck bed with this unique spray-on formula.

Your truck is an investment. Guard it with a name-brand bed liner. Call us now to learn more about our LINE-X products.

3 advantages of using a LINE-X bed liner

Never settle for a drop-in bed liner or an inferior spray-on brand. LINE-X spray-on bed liners:

  1. Prevent all types of damage
  2. Form a permanent bond
  3. Create a complete seal
Because LINE-X creates a permanent bond, it'll never separate from your truck bed, trapping water or debris. The best part is that LINE-X isn't just for bed liners. We can apply it to any part of your vehicle. Call us to schedule your LINE-X upgrade today.


Line-X is the brand-name spray-on bed liner that can protect your truck from even the toughest cargo. It's useful for more than just trucks - ask us about tool boxes, trailers, equipment and more!

Get TruckGear by Line-X to outfit your truck with the best accessories and gear for work, play, and more.